New York owns loudest NHL mouths

Well, well, well, I have to say one thing right off the bat. Why Sean Avery? It's not as if he's doing bad or anything, but why do I have to have him in my front page now when he says something about diving penalties or whatever he's complaining about now? The Rangers now officially own 2 of the most publicized speaker-players in the NHL. Brendan Shanahan has done some talking in the past, and his most recent outburst was against referees. However, at the same time, Shanny has 27 goals and 51 points in 53 games. Avery, well, this year he spoke out against the NHL and/or the NHLPA when he received a diving fine, and his other outbursts are well known, specifically against Denis Gauthier and the whole french-players-=-no-backing-up-stuff. Avery though, has just 10 goals and 28 points in 55 games. As a final note on this subject, Shanahan has just 41 penalty minutes, showing that he is a loud, but clean leader on the Rangers. Avery has 116 penalty minutes and shows less leadership than Anze Kopitar (not that Kopitar doesn't try to lead anyone, but he is a rookie, and probably still has trouble speaking English like Evgeni Malkin).
- Tonight, American Idol will ruin the chance I have at watching the Dallas Stars play the Minnesota Wild, and I am pretty disappointed. This could be the start of a really good rivalry and I don't want to miss it, but, like with the All-Star game, everyone else would rather watch Simon Cowell and San Antonian singers. (Nothing against that show, but it really bums me that I can't watch the Stars.)
- Speaking of rivalries, Sean Avery will feel just at home when he plays against the New Jersey Devils. There is normally more physical play during this Hudson River showdown, and just this once I will be glad that the Rangers got Avery when they did. He is sure to provide some extra spark into that game, and the Devils should recall Cam Janssen so that way Avery and Janssen can have a good, entertaining bout.
Ok, ok, I can't even think of anything to write about except the Rangers getting Sean Avery, because I am here in New York. Really! I could have guessed that the Rangers would trade Jason Ward, but I didn't even suspect that Avery would get traded to anyone, much less the Rangers. By the way, this is the second move by a California team and a New York/New Jersey team. Last year, Scott Neidermayer received a lot of publicity by leaving the Devils for Anaheim, and now Los Angeles gives Sean Avery to the Rangers. I did hear that the Kings picked up some good prospects though.
Later everyone. Please post a comment if you read this regularly and I don't know.
P.S. I would hate to try and confirm something that probably isn't true, but I have a funny feeling that someone at The Hockey News is reading my blog. One more time, this probably isn't true. But just a little while after I said that John Tavares should be getting more coverage, THN writes a cover story on him. AGAIN, THIS PROBABLY ISN'T TRUE. PLEASE DON'T READ THIS AND THINK THAT I HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THE HOCKEY NEWS BECAUSE IT'S LIKELY THAT I DON'T, SO DON'T COMMENT THAT I SHOULD WRITE MORE STUFF FOR THEM TO COVER. But it's almost like I predicted the future. I say Tavares needs more coverage, and he appears on the cover of The Hockey News. Of course, it's probably just that THN has been watching Tavares all along, and has been waiting to fit him on a cover. Read the capital words one more time.