Islanders vs. Stars - 3-2 in OT

YEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a game!!!!!!!!!!

I finally saw my Stars live, and I couldn't have picked a better time. Try, close game that ends in OT with a perfect view of the winning goal. I mean, perfect view....check it out!

That was just a sick goal. We don't exactly have the best angle, but still, it's not often you get that clear of a goal via fan video. By the noise, you can tell that my uncle, my dad, me, and the Stars fan we had sitting below us were the first to see the goal. Well, other than Modano and Hagman and all the guys on the ice. But it was a really great game to be at.

The Stars had some killer defensive plays. I definitely remember about 10 different times when an Islanders rush was pushed to the boards and transformed into a dump-in. A top 6 of Zubov, Boucher, Robidas, Daley, Niskanen, and Grossman was perfect. Niskanen and Grossman made some nice plays on the back end, and Zubov, Boucher and Robidas had some nice offensive opportunities. Actually, though you can't see it in the video, Robidas was essential to the play in OT.

There were a couple really good lines out there that night. The OT unit of Zubov, Robidas, Modano, and Hagman played just an insane 15 seconds or so. Total puck possesion to lead to a great No. 9 goal. The Stars chose the defense pairs well, putting youngsters with vets. Stephane Robidas paired well with Niklas Grossman as a shutdown line. Niskanen and Zubov fit well together as a line with some offensive upside but still good defensive play, and Boucher and Daley were basically the same. Also, Stu Barnes, Jeff Halpern, and Steve Ott worked well together, almost like an energy line. They worked the shutdown crew, but had a few offensive opportunities too. Curiously, on the fourth line, Brad Winchester, Joel Lundqvist, and Halpern/Krys Barch were also strong. Winchester (*gasp*) had a couple offensive chances. Barch is really appearing to have potential as another Steve Ott. He only had a couple of shifts, but shadowed Mike Sillinger pretty well on one and is normally a good agitator. If he can morph his ECHL scoring and NHL/AHL fighting and toughness, we could very well have a new John Ferguson. Well.....relatively speaking. Ferguson was a 20-goal guy who could knock anyone's lights out, but Barch could only be a 10-goal player who can knock a few lights out and damage some other ones.

Not to say that Loui Eriksson is going back to the AHL, but Loui Eriksson should go back to the AHL. He looked really shaky last night and didn't appear to have the elictrifying scoring skills he was supposed to display. But he will play, as it would be all but impossible to have Chris Conner fly up to New Jersey and still be ready for the game tomorrow.

Anybody want to come out and admit they were wrong about the Stars offense? Sure, no top ten guys, but Morrow needs two points in the next game to be a point-per-game player again (he didn't score in the last game and that messed it up). Mike Ribeiro is a point-per-game guy. Zubov is 2nd in defenseman scoring behind Sergei Gonchar, who plays for a much more offense based team. Niklas Hagman actually leads the Stars in goals with 10, and Halpern has gotten over half of all the goals he scored last year through in 24 games.

Speaking of Halpern, I wish I had known he had scored his 100th goal while I was watching. That's a great milestone for a tough worker like him. Congrats Mr. Shutdown-guy-who-almost-lost-his-offense-in-Dallas.

Turco let in another bad goal. Who cares.

I don't. Really.

Okay, so it bugs me a bit. Everyone has a bad day.

Some more often than others.

Like Turco, for example. That's only, what, the 50th goal he's given up like that? It doesn't help that Peter Schaefer's bouncing goal over Turco's dive is burned into my head. It's okay, though, Turco. You're only a bonehead. Better say thanks to Boucher for me.

That's all the writing for today. I'll show you guys a few more videos and a couple pictures, but I've got little more to say. I did fight off Sparky the Dragon after he tried to eat my Stars hat.

I duke it out with Sparky....and win! :-P Just gave him a little smack in the (fake) face...

You wanna fight? I'll beat the crap outa you before you touch Jokinen! No, Jussi is good, actually roughed it up with (probably as tough as he dares) Mike Comrie...

Hmm.....Blogger isn't quite ready for me to put up so many videos. Sorry, that's all I can give you today. Write you later, possibly after the Devils-Stars game that I have a chance to go to.