Time for another rule change?

That's what hockey minds across the nation are probably thinking as they read the news headlines today.

Already written about by James Mirtle and The Two-line Pass, Roberto Luongo has been named captain by the Vancouver Canucks. He can't officially wear the 'C' due to an NHL rule originally created by other teams complaining about Bill Durnan (Canadiens goalie captain back in the 40's) taking so many trips to center ice to discuss penalties and calls with referees that he was actually giving the Habs crucial time-outs without actually using a time-out.

However, NHL teams are still allowed to name a goalie as captain. Most teams have refrained from this because, obviously, it's hard to let people know that a goalie is your captain when he can't wear the 'C'. Vancouver has announced that veteran defensemen Mattias Ohlund and Willie Mitchell, respectable Canuck leaders in their own right, will wear the 'A's of alternate captains during games, but Luongo will be the official captain.

Perhaps this will lead other NHL teams rally behind their goalies, and eventually rid the league of the anti-'C' rule. Manny Legace's veteran presence with St. Louis could deserve the captaincy, while the Sharks would certainly name Evgeni Nabokov captain if they didn't already have Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau.

Either way, this a near-revolutionary move by the Canucks, and it'll be interesting to see how it impacts the rest of the league.