The Draft

It's the day everyone (except the Wings and Penguins, and their fans) is waiting for, now that most teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.

It's the day that young players from all over the world can either fulfill their potential to reach the NHL, or sadly walk away, realizing that their abilities just didn't fit in with a team.

I can't really predict a top 5, or which team is going to take what player, because I've already read the THN Draft Preview, and checked out the ISS ratings on www.hockeysfuture.com. I definitely think Stamkos is going No. 1, and he'll essentially replace Brad Richards in Tampa. I'm seeing a potential LA jersey on Alex Pietrangelo's back, but Drew Doughty will likely be the one to go No. 2.

I'd love to see the Stars get a great pick, but the most we can hope for is a solid second rounder. Mitch Wahl and Krystopher Berglund would fit in pretty well, but both would take at least 2-3 years to reach their potential.

Good luck to all the potential draftee's out there. I hope to join you in 2012! (All of you that are silently laughing at me, that's just because you've never seen me play hockey.)

Game 1 is going to be 2-1 Detroit, by the way.

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!