A Sad Day In Canada

I have to express the greatest sympathy for all Canuck fans, and especially the close friends and family of Luc Bourdon. It’s hard, even for me, when a talented prospect that I can’t wait to be able to cheer for has reality crash in on their dreams.

I hate to focus on his hockey skills when that’s far from the most important reason to have him alive, but Bourdon was definitely among the prospects I was waiting to see. It’s funny, because I’m so attached to hockey that I can feel this sad when I didn’t know the guy personally, only saw highlight reels of his play, and never even heard his voice.

He definitely had NHL potential, and I’m sure that the majority of the Canucks franchise was eagerly awaiting him to take a steady NHL role next season. His death comes as a shock to everyone who knew of him, and if I was invited to go to his funeral, I’d go all the way to Canada just for that.

Here’s to remembering a great hockey player who was a great guy and someone that the whole world hates to lose.