Versus proving itself a mistake

Tonight, another chapter will be added to the epic war that is the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

The rivalry features 3 of the most talented individuals in the league in Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Alexander Ovechkin, and each roster has many players that can play the game well. Ovechkin, affectionately called Ovie by fans across the world, has taken to trying to knock the lights out of Malkin every time the two players are on the ice together. While the “attack” seems to be unprovoked, and a little harsh, it adds excitement to the game.

Now, this is a game that I would watch, and I rarely watch games where the Stars aren’t playing.

And yet, my only ways to watch games where the Stars aren’t playing are NBC, which only shows a game a week and won’t be showing the Pens-Caps match, and Versus, which used up it’s own game of the week showing Detroit and Dallas on Monday.

Now, being a Stars fan, I’ll watch every Stars game as long as it’s possible somehow. But I don’t think too many people were going to watch the Detroit-Dallas game on Monday besides Wings fans who wanted to see Dallas get crushed again, and Stars fans (myself included) who wanted revenge.

While the game turned out to be an exciting one, it probably wouldn’t have gotten as many views as the Pittsburgh-Washington game would have.

Yet another scheduling mistake by Versus, and yet another reason why the NHL should find a better sports network to air most of its games.