There's a new Sean?

Out of curiosity today, I read the NHL’s story about Sean Avery’s first AHL game since being suspended.

Most of what was expected was there; minimalistic but helpful offensive contribution with three shots on goal, and of course, two minor scraps of the typical Avery fashion.

However, one quote by Avery stood out to me while reading:

“I had a few comments, but nothing that was too drastic,” Avery said. “Or something the old Sean would say.”

That surprised me.

I wasn’t expecting anger management and any personal goals by Sean to turn out that apparent. For Sean to acknowledge that there were major differences between the way he was in December compared to now, that’s probably a big step.

Now, don’t think for a second that I want Sean back with Dallas. He screwed up the chemistry with the team, and since the Stars got rid of him, they’ve been playing like a real hockey team.

But maybe this man, who once waved his arms around in front of Martin Brodeur in an attempt to distract him the same way a 5-year-old might in street hockey, has a chance of making it back to the NHL now. He’s playing in Hartford; the Rangers will have a good long look at him for the rest of the season. Perhaps a deal can be worked out through re-entry waivers? Time will tell.