Well, it's time I finally talked about one of the NHL's most heated subjects.
Should it be banned? Does it take away from the game? Do only skill-less players fight?
My answer to all those questions is no.
Should it stay? Do skill players fight as well? Could it get better?
My answer to all those questions is yes.
People are wasting their time arguing about this. Fighting is a key area of the game. Players such as Sean Avery, Chris Neil, and even Jarome Iginla are some of the most famous fighters. Here are is one video of a pretty good hockey fight.
"video of Unbelieveable Hockey Fight on YouTube" will get you a nice bout between Donald Brashear and Rob Ray.

Ok, sorry, that was my first attempt to embed a video.
Continuing on...
Fighting like that video really brings out the competition in both players and teammates. While it can get too ugly, it doesn't happen regularly. Most fans love fighting, and I am one for seeing about one a game.
Now, let me deal out some facts. Fighting does bring a lot of injuries. Nick Kypreos was a scary example. So was Todd Fedoruk. Sometimes the injury is less visible. Steve Ott fractured his ankle this year, during a fight with Tom Kostopoulos. Also, fighting leads to many suspensions, and could end a players career.
This does add a bad rap to fighting in hockey. But think of all the things we would lose if we didn't have fighting. The Caps-Rangers rivalry, and the Flyers-Senators rivalry, and so many others were built up out of fighting.
It's not as if every fighter in hockey is just a goon that gets carried by their respective team so they can beat up on people. Sure, maybe Brian McGrattan, Derek Boogard, and Darren McCarty fit that description, but look at the skill guys who fight. Jarome Iginla had a chance to lead the league in scoring. Chris Neil could reach 30 points this year. Sean Avery has been a key scorer with the Rangers.
Overall, fighting should really stay in the NHL and shouldn't be built up or played down. Just keep it how it is.

Goal of the day- Well, since I figured out how to embed stuff, there is no need for me to say " well you search so-so's awesome fantasmo goal on Google, then click the fourth link, find the link on that page..." etc. etc. Instead, here's a nice goal from Sid the Kid, or should I say King. It's actually pretty Ovechkin-esque.

Okay, it worked again. As you can hear the announcer say, that was absolutely "sidsational." What a move.

- It's gotta be true. Why else would the players believe it? Sid the Kid is the best! Really, two back to back 100-point seasons? Not to mention he's going to lead his team to the playoffs after they finished 29th last year? Most of the time it would take around 4 years for that to happen, not one!
- Everyone is watching Vincent Lecavlier to score his 50th goal of the year. Me too. Please do it Vinny? Please? I don't want it to go back to 03-04! Please score!

Posting tomorrow!