Was it that bad?

Another frightening event happened recently when Jordin Tootoo punched Stephane Robidas in the face to knock Robidas out cold. However, the three players involved in that play each had an equal chance to get injured. Mike Modano, who Tootoo initially hit, could have easily landed the wrong way. When Robidas charged after Tootoo, it could have turned into a hit from behind like Ovechkin on Briere. Of course, there was the swing-around-glove-still-on punch that knocked Robidas out. Then, Modano got up and gave a one-handed slash across Jordin Tootoo's back. That could have been serious.
So, everyone, was the event as bad as it could have been? I'm not downplaying the fact that it was a nasty thing to do, but it doesn't need to cause as much worry as, say, the Bertuzzi-Moore incident. Although, I have not received full word on how bad the injury to Robidas is. To watch this incident yourself, search "video of Jordin Tootoo punching Stephane Robidas" on Google and use the YouTube link.

Goal of the Day- I'll choose a goal Jaromir Jagr, a true star in the league, scored against the New Jersey Devils back when Jagr was playing for Pittsburgh. It's pretty nice, he receives a pass, and, while being hooked from behind, carries the puck with one hand, frees himself from the defenseman and takes a nice shot. Search "video of Jaromir Jagr awesome goal" and click the YouTube link that says Jagr's awesome OT goal.

- The Dallas Stars have gained even more defensive depth. They signed youngster Matt Niskanen, the team's first draft pick in 05, to a 3-year deal. This could potentially allow Niskanen to finish college, and then play one year for either the Stars or a minor league affiliate. However, Niskanen may wish to join the Stars early, and that would give him more true development time.
- Joe Thornton has quietly made a late season scoring surge, and is tied with Vincent Lecavalier for 2nd place in scoring. If these two were to both lead, and still be tied, however, Lecavalier would likely be given the title due to his 48 goals compared to Thornton's 20.
- Speaking of goals, Teemu Selanne has become a main attraction in the NHL. He had a major change in recent years, going from a player on his way down, to one of the most consistent performers in the new NHL. Each of the past two seasons, he wasn't expected to carry so much of the load in Anahiem's scoring. However, he pulled through, and has scored at least 40 goals and 40 assists in the past two seasons.