First of all, sorry for the horribly long absence. I just got bored. Now look at this.

A normal person's view of summer- Relax, hang out with family/friends, take a vacation (if you are in school, the whole thing is a vacation), basically a two-and-a-half month long special event.

A crazy hockey fan's view (like mine)- YAWN.........Not much to do....check out whether Chris Chelios gives his age consideration........Sure, free agents are good, but I can still guess the majority of playoff teams again.........

I mean come on, people! Don't you see what the sports world does to us? We have to sit through two-and-a-half months (minus from about July 1st to July 10th) waiting to see if someone famous retires, if someone unretires, anything cool, and we get very little.
To the NHL: Create something interesting during the summer. I know the players like a little relaxing time, so don't make like extra games. I know what foul stuff would be spewing from fans' mouth's like mine if you made, say, a post-post-season-pre-season. Instead, make like a special AOL/MSN/Yahoo/blog/e-mail address that gets made/answered/used by every NHL player that wants to, do it like one player a day, and let any fan from anywhere use it. I think that would be good.

Ok sorry for my lack of writing again, but I will continue to write from now as long as I can.
FFTI man out.