Short notes again

Well, here is some smaller stuff than last time I said 'Short Notes.'
- Here's a trade I never considered before. How about the Pittsburgh Penguins dealing off Ryan Malone for Keith Tkachuk, and then sending him to Los Angeles for Aaron Miller and Konstantin Pushkarev. The SuperPens need depth on defense, and Malone has been struggling this year. The Blues are going for young guys, and Los Angeles thinks they almost have all the right peices for a playoff push. In the St. Louis/Pittsburgh deal, it would pay off on the Blues as they are looking for a young guy who can score 20-30 goals, and while he hasn't done it this year, he still has the potential and has done it before. The SuperPens wouldn't necessarily need Tkachuk, as LeClair, Malkin, Staal, Ruutu, and Niklas Nordgren, if the Pens still own his rights, can all play left wing. Sending Tkachuk to L.A. for Miller and Pushkarev would be a perfect fit, as the Kings are looking to next season, and the SuperPens are still leaning towards the future. Miller provides a steady defensive style of play lost when Mark Eaton went down with an injury. Pushkarev is extremely versatile, as he is a natural right wing, was listed as a center in the THN Yearbook, and can also play left wing. The Kings are looking for a goal-scorer, and Tkachuk fits the bill.
- Keep the darn SuperPens in Pittsburgh! I think either the Rangers, Isles, or Devils should move. Really, like it's crowded up here. Move the Devils to Kansas, they've already been there once.
- Reading THN's Adam Proteau's Screen Shots about Doug Wilson, I realized how good of a team San Jose is, not only in the standings, but in names as well. Just a few years ago, the only names in the franchise that any fan knew were Marleau, Selanne, Nabokov, Stuart, Damphousse, Ricci, and Ekman. Now, the Sharks lineup is dotted with household names Thornton, Marleau, Toskala, Erhoff, Carle, Hannan, Cheechoo, and Michalek, to name a few. To borrow a phrase from Evan Grossman, this team is vesatoskular!
- I might have the luck of seeing two playoff teams in one area, but if it happens, it won't be the names you think it is. Instead of the Devils and the Rangers, it will be the Devils and the Islanders! Seriously, Garth Snow has the pieces of a playoff team with him, and if they don't make it this year, look for a serious push next season.
-Speaking of the Sharks, what happened to Lukas Kaspar? Wasn't he supposed to be one of their best prospects. He hasn't been called up to the Sharks, and his AHL stats say that he shouldn't be. He was supposed to make it next year, but that seems unlikely now.
- In a small note about EastSide Hockey Manager, I wish the QMJHL would allow players to be traded during the regular season. My team stinks, and the only way to improve it is to sign prospects who probably want more development time. Charles Cote looks to be helpful, though.
That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll make a good post tomorrow.