Am I being watched, or am I a future-teller?

First, it was John Tavares. I posted on how Tavares, being that good and that young, should get more notice in the big time.
The Hockey News writes a detailed cover story on him, as if I told them to do something (I didn't).
Now, just recently, I wrote about the Staal brothers, and their ability to be key players anywhere.
Yesterday, Evan Grossman interviewed, and wrote a detailed story on, guess who?
The Staal brothers.
Granted, I am just a young blogger, and THN's and Grossman's stories were way more detailed and better than mine, but still.....
Two times I write a small story, two times a more detailed story on those same subjects appear on well-read hockey papers/websites. Am I seeing the future, or does someone from those organizations actually watch what I write? Doesn't matter, I'm still writing.

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