Deadline Day Predictions haven't told whole story

I've been reading a lot of TDD predictions and while most of them are likely, there is more to be told.
Tampa Bay has been reported as looking for a winger/goaltender, but I think that Jay Feaster may have his eye on re-acquiring Jassen Cullimore. Cullimore was a longtime Bolt from 98-04, and provided solid play during Tampa's Cup run. Chicago is willing to deal away Cullimore, and Tampa has not shown want of Doug O'Brien, so I see Cullimore for O'Brien plus a late draft pick as a potential deal.
The Toronto Maple Leafs are edging towards a playoff spot, and have been reported as looking for a center/defenseman. However, Andrew 'Razor' is still young and has Zero playoff experience, and J.S. Aubin has 13 total games of Pro playoff time, with just 1 coming in the NHL. The Flyers have made Robert Esche available, and the Leafs might offer Justin Pogge or Todd Ford in a potential deal.
When the Penguins were reported as looking for a defenseman/enforcer, I completely agreed. But it would also be nice if the SuperPens could have a veteran backup with playoff experience just in case Marc-Andre Fluery doesn't become the next Cam Ward. Brian Boucher performed well in the '00 playoff with Philadelphia, but the Pens haven't shown an interest in him. Curtis Joseph would be another choice, or perhaps potential UFA Ed Belfour. I think the SuperPens will definitely make an offer for the Blues' Manny Legace, and Patrick Elechner or Andrew Penner could be offered.
Those are my potential deals. Credits to www.thehockeynews.com 's article on deadline day. That's all for today. Look forward to Feb. 28th's article, as I will have lots to say then.


Sound Tech said...

You mean, February 18th?

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Nope, February 28th, after the Trading deadline comes on February 27th.

Sound Tech said...

Oh, I see.(You see, I don't know all that much about hockey :-)