Not really weekend thoughts, but the same idea

More short stuff in the NHL, here goes.
- Wait a second, I'm looking at NHL.com, and is that 3 Philadelphia Flyers I see named the 3 stars of the day? Wait, Philadelphia Flyers?!?!? Wow, I'm shocked. What happened to Philadelphia the losers? And is that the Flyers getting front page online for winning? Wow. That is both cool for the Flyers, and weird for everyone else.
Hold on, I thought of something to write. My award selections as to the real ones.
Art Ross- Sidney Crosby. Duh.
Rocket Richard- I am going to say it's a tie between Alex Ovechkin and Vincent Lecavlier. I read about how only Lecavlier and possibly Ilya Kovalchuk are on pace to score even 50 goals this year, but don't you think Ovechkin will go on a late season tear despite his teams losing ways?
Selke- Surprisingly, if you go by plus-minus, Thomas Vanek would win. But Jay Pandolfo has been just awesome this year, and his plus-minus is only low because the Devils rarely score. Pandolfo should get this award.
Vezina- Roberto Luongo. Come on, you got to give it to this guy. The Vancouver Canucks are almost in the playoffs because of him. He has been having one of his best years, and I am tired of seeing players win it 50% because of their name. Broduer, Hasek, and Kiprusoff are all great players, but I almost want to say, Give someone else a chance!
Norris- Seeing as I just came off criticizing people for voting for name-players, I will contradict myself and give this to Nicklas Lidstrom, who is as deserving as any other player for this award. He is the true name-player, but in his case he does deserve it every year. He is Bobby Orr without the end-to-end rushes. Really.
Well, those are the awards I'll hand out for now. Maybe I will award my own awards, like the ones I posted earlier, at the end of the season.

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