Short, short notes

A lot of small stuff happened in the NHL recently.
- A trade rumor is floating around that Martin Biron is going to Florida for Gary Roberts and Eddie Belfour. Some say this makes sense. I can find a better trade than that.
Let's say this trade does happen. On the Buffalo side of things, they just swapped a good young guy who is used to being a starter for a guy formerly a starter, and now used to being a backup. Sure, Belfour has a Cup, but other than around 3 years of good playoff experience as a starter in Dallas, he hasn't had to deal with the pressure of carrying the entire team on his shoulders. Now, Biron has even less playoff experience, but he knows how to deal with being relied upon all the time. After that, Biron did spend a lot of his younger years watching Dominik Hasek start, and he is surrounded with a better group than Hasek was. Roberts is the guy who makes this trade pointless. If Roberts does join Buffalo, he is a pure rental, no denying it. Really, the guy won't want 3rd line time behind Jochen Hecht and Thomas Vanek any longer than the playoffs.
Here is a better trade; Martin Biron to Atlanta for Johan Hedberg and Jon Sim. Atlanta needs a 20-30 game guy who can give serious insurance in case Lehtonen goes down, and they are also making a big playoff push. Hedberg has been used as a 15-20 game guy in the past 3 seasons, and that is what he would see as Ryan Miller's backup. Heberg also has a career 2.31 GAA in 20 playoff games, and a 10-10 record with a .912 save percentage. That would give the Sabres a comfortable backup position in the playoffs in case Ryan Miller falters. Again, the winger, in this case Sim, is the wild card. Sim already knows the 3rd line. The Sabres currently use Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy, and Maxim Afineganov on the 3rd line, but they could bump the group up to #2 and and use Sim, Chris Drury, and Ales Kotalik on the 3rd. Sim could also probably deal with 2nd line time if Drury refuses to be sent down a line.
- Forsberg's debut was ruined by the Minnesota Wild, at the same time as Marian Gaborik showed he is still a great scorer by scoring twice and changing this season's total to 19 in 26 games. Had he played the 60 games like his team has, he would be at 35 this year. He is also clicking at 31 points in 26 games.
See, short stuff. More later as this was supposed to come yesterday.

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