The Ducks are the Oilers, and EHM

This year's Anahiem Ducks could be last year's Oilers.
Think about it. Everything fits. The Oilers had struggling goaltending until they made a good trade. The Ducks have had one goalie struggle and another one oft-injured. But now, both are back in shape. The Oilers had a couple of studs on defense, with Chris Pronger and Jaroslav Spacek. The Ducks have Pronger and Scott Niedermayer, a slightly better pair. The Oilers had a thick offense, from Hemsky, Horcoff, and Smyth to Stoll, Pisani, and Peca. The Ducks have Selanne, Andy Mac, and Kunitz, to Penner, Getzlaf, and Perry. It all fits together, except the Ducks have more experience. But everyone who has money on the Ducks winning the Cup better watch it, and maybe take less of a risk.

Washington- Improved to 7-7-1, and am seeing a large improvement of the defense. Anton Volchenkov, Bryan Muir, and Brian Pothier are especially good.
Norfolk- Team still struggling, currently at 3-6-2. Signed Brian White in hopes of a more consistent defense.
Alaska- Doing well, sitting at 3-4-1. Haven't made any significant moves yet, but put goalie Isaac Reichmuth up for grabs.
Drummondville- Going through a rough streak, record down to 15-8-0. Can't make any moves, but will just rough it out.
Everett- Doing great, sitting at 14-7-2, got Mueller back from injury, he scored in first game back.
Sudbury- The Wolves are doing fine, still at 12-6-1. Nick Foligno having injury troubles. Still looking for a good back-up goalie, may recall Rowlandson from Junior Wolves.

Goal of the Day- I have to limit it to one, but I will make a good one. You can type "video of Manny Malholtra goal", and that will give a link to a lot of diving goals in the NHL. They are all great, but it showcases Malholtra's diving shot, A Valeri Kamensky spinoramma through the air, Tyson Nash diving through a pile-up, and, of course, Alexander Ovechkin scoring 'The Goal'. It's really great and has cool music.

- For the third time this year, a frightening event happened on ice. This time, it was Colton Orr, or more specifically his right hand, knocking out Todd Fedoruk during a fight. While Fedoruk claims that it was just part of the game, it is still scary. Orr was charging up his dangerous right hand, and when he saw an opening in Fedoruk, he swung. It connected with Fedoruk's jaw and knocked him out cold.
- Ruslan Fedotenko's 20-goal surprise last year hasn't shown this year. The Lightning left-winger has only 12 goals and 31 points this season.

That's all for today.

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