EHM Updates

Well, here's something you haven't heard about lately.
Pittsburgh- The SuperPens are doing okay. I now regret the signing of Yanic Perrault, he has only scored 10 points. I put both my goalies up for grabs, but it didn't work in time. I will probably make some big moves in the offseason.
Rimouski- Oh wait, I was fired form this one.
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton- Oops, fired again.
Prince Albert- Actually, I wasn't fired from this one, although my board of directors has sometimes not been pleased. I am trying to move Ryan DePape, but the trade deadline has passed.
Oshawa- Not gone yet, however, thanks to John Tavares being gone on international play for a long time, I went down below .500 for a while and might not make the playoffs.
St. Louis- This team is actually looking good for next year if I keep most of my players. I signed Martin Rucinsky recently, and he has scored 25 points in 27 games. Even better, I picked up Ryan Smyth off of waivers, and he has scored 21 points in 16 games, including 13 goals. Fernando Pisani and Bobby Holik were also claimed from waivers, and while their offensive output (12 points for Holik in 24 games, 9 points for Pisani in 17 games) hasn't been as spectacular as Smyth and Rucinsky, they still provide good play. I did lose Peter Senja to waivers to clear cap space.
Phoenix- This team is doing way better than the real one. I am currently at 39-29-7, or something close to that, and only needed 2 waiver pick-ups. Trent Whitfield came for a draft pick, and Peter Senja came from waivers. Hannu Toivenen has been great in a long emergency call-up, going 11-7-3 in 25 games, and I will probably keep him and send Phillip Suave down to the minors, because he has a 3-4-2 record in 10 games.
That's all of EHM for now.
- Craig Conroy is having one of the best turnaround seasons in the NHL. Don't think so? Try 5 goals and 16 points in 52 games with the Kings, but now 5 goals and 14 points in 16 games as a Flame. That goes with being -13 as a King, but +4 as a Flame, a 6.8 shooting percentage with the Kings but a 23.8 percentage with the Flames. Other Flames that are really one fire; Dion Phaneuf (just 5 points away from career high in 17 less games, no sophomore slump to be found), Kristian Huselius (The way I've covered him, you've got to know how good he is), Alex Tanguay (Good thing he didn't go to center, left-winger once again over a point-per-game), Jarome Iginla (without an injury, he would be at 85-90 points, still has 76 in 55 games).
Got to go, I'll get back to publishing regularly tomorrow.

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