Great Goals

There was 'The Goal' last year, but there are pretty good ones besides that in the 'new' NHL years (late 05-March 07).

- Mike Green. He may only have two goals, but this guy scored a very impressive goal early in the season. Playing against the Colorado Avalanche, he picked up the puck in his own end, skated through center ice, fought off a check, and pushed the puck with one hand past the goalie.
You can see this goal on YouTube if you search "video of Mike Green hockey goal" in Google.

- Kyle Okposo. I'm going beyond the NHL this time, and I'm including Okopso's nice goal in NCAA play. Okposo's teammate gets the puck from the corner, and passes it to, who Okposo gets the puck, and reminiscent of Jonathan Cheechoo's 2004 playoff goal (which I will try and find a link for), he tucks it in shortside between his legs past the goalie. Type in "video of Kyle Okposo amazing goal" into Google and a YouTube link will appear.

- Jonathan Cheechoo. as previously mentioned, Cheechoo scored his second goal of the 2004 playoffs in a rare style. I actually have this one on my own tape, and it is quite amazing. Off a pass from Brad Stuart that can be called good and bad at the same time, Cheechoo was in front of the net with goalie David Aebischer and Rob Blake blocking him. However, it seemed to befuddle the goalie when Cheechoo caught the puck between his legs, and deflected the puck into the net. Type "video of Jonathan Cheechoo between the legs goal" into Google for a YouTube link.

- Evgeni Malkin. During his 6-game goal-scoring streak, Malkin scored a goal against the New Jersey Devils that got Mario 'Le Magnifique' Lemieux on his feet. Malkin took a long pass from Sidney Crosby into the New Jersey zone, got past two defensemen, spun a 180, and backhanded the puck past Martin Brodeur. Search for "video of Evgeni Malkin goal against New Jersey" for a YouTube link.

- Sidney Crosby. 'Sid the Kid' scores some nice goals himself, not just some good passes. Back in December of 06, he made a great individual play against the Florida Panthers. Going down the middle, Sidney Crosby was checked by two defenders and still managed to get a shot off. It almost looks like he's flying. Search "video of Sidney Crosby goal against Florida in December" for a result off of YouTube.

Check out those, and I might end up getting a new 'feature' of my blog. Hockey goal of the day. Yeah, that sounds good. I will post either a link or the words to search in Google to a goal that I think is really awesome.

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