Signing Johnson, and who makes the playoffs

Well, let's get to the big news first.
The Los Angeles Kings made another big boost towards their future, as they signed prospect Jack Johnson, 37 points in 35 collegiate games, to an entry level contract. Johnson is expected to make his NHL debut against Vancouver, and will likely have his first full year next season. Johnson was selected 3rd overall in 2005 by the Carolina Hurricanes, and was traded to L.A. with Oleg Tverdovsky for Tim Gleason and Eric Belanger. Interestingly, one of the reasons that Carolina traded him was because they thought he would be difficult to sign. Wrong! I won't brag how I was right about the Kings bringing him up for a late cup of coffee. Instead of Johnson joining the Manchester Monarchs (AHL) for the playoffs, he will play for the United States against other NHLers.
For my own subject, I decided it's finally time to look at the standings.
So far, Buffalo, Anaheim, Nashville, Detroit, and Ottawa have all clinched a spot, of course. That is what I can currently find for clinches on NHL.com, although I believe now Pittsburgh, San Jose and Vancouver have clinched as well. It's a big playoff race in each conference. In the east, the following teams are fighting for either seventh or eighth place; Tampa Bay, Montreal, Carolina, NY Islanders, and Toronto. In the West, it is lest competitive, although Colorado was trying to make a late rush. Many teams can finish with 100 points or more, and it could be the most competitive season yet.

Goal of the day- Today, I chose a video that's one of my favorites, it is someones list of the top 20 goals in NHL history, and shows some other ones at the beginning as well. Actually, you'll get to see Bobby Orr scoring a famous goal, but it is hard to catch.

Pretty nice, huh.

That's all today, it's almost playoff time!

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