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Recalls. The guys who come up from the minors for 5-10 games at a time, and even if they do good, they get sent back down at some point. Here are some guys who have made as much of an impact as they can.

- Ryan Shannon. While his 50 games seems to say that he has been a regular, Shannon has been sent down to the minors a few times. But Shannon is one of those energy line guys, who can shake up a game and provide a little offense. He had 2 goals and 11 points through 50 games. He also looked pretty exciting when he tried a Shannonian Spinoramma, although he couldn't lift the puck into the net. You can search "video of Ryan Shannon shootout attempt" on Google to see some good footage of it on YouTube.

- Drew Stafford and Nathan Paetsch. Because I want to add other players, I'm going to combine these two. For Stafford, he is defintely the kind of guy you want to be able to call up. Through 33 games, Stafford has 9 goals and 18 points. For Paetsch, is he a 7th defenseman who gets a lot of time? Or a 6th defenseman who is unrecognized? Either way, Paetsch has played 56 games and scored 23 points.

- Ramzi Abid. As long as this guy only plays like 6-10 games a season, then they could name a trophy after him. The "Abid Trophy", for best guy in short stints. Overall in his career, Abid's stats are merely average, and possibly mediocre. He only has 14 goals and 27 points in 61 games. However, the most games he has played in one season is 33. He scored 10 goals and 18 points during those games, but has since only averaged 10 NHL games a year. This season, Abid has played 6 games for the Predators and scored 1 goal and 2 points.

- David Clarkson. Here's where Clarkson gets to shine. He has played 3 games in his current call-up to New Jersey, and scored 2 points. He also had his first two-point game in his second game. He had a first-period goal against Carolina, and then made a great no-look pass to Travis Zajac for an assist. He also has 4 PIM's, showing he's not afraid of roughing it up.

- Jussi Timonen. This young defenseman has given Philadelphia peace of mind about its future defense corps. Timonen played well in a short call-up, scoring 4 assists in 14 games. He also only had a few penalties, showing that he can play a smart game.

That's some guys there.

Goal of the Day- How about......Robbie Schremp's lacrosse-style goal(s). You can search "video of Rob Schremp lacrosse goal" and there are several great YouTube videos for it.

Posting tomorrow.

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