Prepare for the FFTI Awards

Well, way back in January I said that there were some awards that would be cool for the NHL to create. Since I don't have much influence on the NHL, I'll go ahead and give out my own awards. Here's a list of the Trophies I'll hand out.
The FFTI Rookie of the Year- Obviously, to the best rookie.
The FFTI Ken Dryden Trophy- To the best rookie goaltender (provided he didn't win Rookie of the Year overall. In which case this goes to second best.)
The FFTI Key Player Trophy- To the player deemed most valuable to his team voted by, well, me. (Don't blame me, these names are hard to think of.)
The FFTI D-man of the Year- Just like the Norris. Normally to the best offensive defenseman.
The FFTI Pavel Kubina Award- Best defensive defenseman. Based on winner's ability to block shots, disrupt plays. No offensive stats required.
The FFTI Bob Probert Award- Awarded to the player who best shows a combination of offense and fighting.
The FFTI Goalie of the Year- Just like the Vezina, although more based on stats than performance.
The FFTI Roberto Luongo Award- Awarded to the best goaltender based on performance and meaning to his team. (a.k.a If the Dallas Stars didn't have Marty Turco, they would still have a reasonable chance of winning. If the Canucks didn't have Luongo, they would spiral downwards.)
The FFTI Coach of the Year- Essentially, the Jack Adams trophy.
The FFTI GM of the Year- Naming the best guy who runs the team. Garth Snow is a front runner.
The FFTI Unknown Player of the Year- Given to the player who should've gotten some notice but didn't.
The FFTI Masterton Award- I couldn't think of a good way of putting "Player who works hard, does a lot of stuff, and doesn't have good enough stats to be a Player of the Year" into a trophy name, but that's who it goes to.

I will be handing out those awards as soon as the regular season has ended for everyone. Should be about a week and a few days.

Goal of the Day- Today's video is sponsored by celebrations. It's the top ten hockey celebrations, and the goals in there are pretty good too. The first half is just famous hockey moments, the second half is the celebrations.

That's all today. Be watching for the FFTI Awards.

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