Ouch. Such bold predictions, and then at least half of it went down the drain. Fear not, after a long break to contain my anger against the Canucks, I will make just general predictions based on stats.

Parise- Assuming the Devils remain in the playoffs until the Cup Finals, Parise will be another Fernando Pisani. Granted, Parise had a spectacular regular season too, but, if Zach can keep up the pace, he'll be another hero.

Devils + Offense = WOAH!- During the regular season, everyone (including me) was ranting about the Devils and their boring defensive game. Surprise! As of today, 6 Devils had scored at least 8 playoff points, and Scott Gomez was going at an assist-per-game. A point-per-game would have been surprising, but an assist-per-game is spectacular!

Sorry, a short post today. I should be back to my normal writing in a few days.

One more note, guess who's back to his awesome play? Trevor Linden. Along with surprise scorer Taylor Pyatt, Linden leads the Canucks in playoff scoring. As much as I am annoyed by the Canucks right now, I have to give it to "Mr. Game 7", kept up with his name by scoring the game-winner against Dallas in Game 7. What a post-season man, who once scored as many points in the post-season as he did during this regular season. I'm glad I have a game-used jersey card for him.

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