Game 3 Review

Sorry that this is late, but yesterday I was away from my computer all day.

Well, Game 3 was a great game to see for a hockey fan looking for every aspect of the game. There were plenty of goals, big hits galore (see Chris Neil), great saves, and even a knock-out blow, although I don't particularly find that something I want to watch. The score turned out 5-3 in favor of Ottawa, and, if the Senators win Game 4 at home as well, then it will prove nothing is better than a home ice advantage. The Anaheim Ducks won the first 2 games back at the Honda Center.

Take a look at these notes from the 2 periods I saw (I had played a hockey game earlier, was really tired, and knew I had to wake up early the next day), and some thoughts on the third from seeing the opinions of others.

Chris Neil's transformation- I originally saw Adam Proteau write on this. I hope everyone has seen how Chris Neil is no longer a goon (I certainly have changed my mind). In Game 3 he scored a nice goal on a tip-in, and also was the biggest presence (hitting-wise) on the ice.

McAmmond/Pronger- I didn't see this happen live, but got to see it on video, and, I really am surprised that a penalty was not called. That was a really dangerous elbow to the head, and, if it weren't the Stanley Cup Finals, I would want Pronger suspended longer. For McAmmond himself, if he saw a replay, he must have been scared at how many times he could have been seriously injured. The elbow was bad enough, seeing as it knocked him unconscious. Then, he nearly gave himself another concussion by hitting his head on the ice awfully hard. Then, he collided with the boards nearly head on, which means, one small change in angle, one big change in injury.

So undisciplined- You got it, I'm talking Anaheim here. Whether it's Ryan Getzlaf's crosschecking show, Ric Jackman's close-line, or Pronger bashing the side of McAmmond's head (there was no penalty called, but 99% of normal people think there should have been), the Ducks' penalties have to go way down.

Emery is a hero- It doesn't matter how many shaky goals he lets in, he normally follows up with a 1995-Cujo-glove-hand save. Now, he isn't exactly Conn Smythe material. No, that would undoubtedly go to his captain, Daniel Alfredsson. But he has kept the Sens from losing 5-2 in every game.

Unofficial record?- Jason Spezza likely set an unofficial record for only player having to wear a teammates jersey in the Stanley Cup Finals. After battling with Samuel Pahlsson, Spezza's jersey was torn almost in half, and, when for some reason a new jersey couldn't be found, he came out with Patrick Eaves' #44 on his back. Fortunately, the announcers for NBC were sharp enough to point that out, and watching fans weren't confused.

I couldn't find anything but amateur video for game 3, which is nice, but none of them truly had highlights for the whole game. Check out youtube for anything you want to see, like Spezza's jersey thing, or Pronger hitting McAmmond. Posting tomorrow after game 4.

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