Foppa and Peca (hey, they rhyme!)

I am kriffing tired of all the speculation.

"It's most likely that Peter Forsberg, the symbol of Swedish hockey, will return to his homeland and bring back all the glory that MoDo hockey has lost."

"A news report today strongly indicated that Michael Peca will sign with the Columbus Blue Jackets. This will almost certainly boost Columbus beyond the first round of the playoffs. Long live the Blue Jackets!"

"Foppa should join the Senators because they almost won the Stanley Cup again."

"Mike Peca ain't never not comin back to the NHL cuz he don't wanna play."

I mean really. I am exaggerating on some of those, but I'm sure someone somewhere actually believes one of those 'comments' strongly.
How about we just let these guys sign with a team. Then you can go rant about how Peca was stupid to choose to end his career with the Phoenix Coyotes, or wonder why Forsberg chose to sign a $600,000 contract to play with the L.A. Kings even though Colorado was offering him $6,000,000 plus incentives. Let the poor guys choose on their own, instead of letting them see strange articles about how they reportedly signed with the Atlanta Thrashers when they really were just deciding to join the Dallas Stars.

Sorry again, short writing. But hey, that's summer + hockey news.

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