Opening night(s)

It seems I still haven't gotten the gist of watching live games on Islanders TV. The only way I have found to watch a live game is through NHL Center Ice. Yet, every area-team game (Devils, Rangers, Islanders) that isn't a home game gets blacked out. Kind of disappointing, since it appears that I cannot watch the first rematch of last year's first round of the playoffs (Islanders vs. Sabres tonight). At least I get the home opener.

How about the new guys earning their rep with a new team. Danny Briere gets two goals in his first Flyers game, Chris Drury wins it for the Rangers. Guess leaving Buffalo didn't hurt them too bad. Guerin, Comrie, and Fedotenko have all proved they belong. Everyone fits.

Snap! That's what Ryan Kesler's nose could've done on this vicious cross-check from Jesse Boulerice. It's so bad, Boulerice himself expects a suspension.

Now, fortunately, this is one of very few incidents where, A) The injured man is not visibly bleeding, and B) The guilty man does not walk away laughing. But really, that was crazy. Kesler got smashed. He was down like Scotty Stevens on Paul Kariya. I think this was worse than McAmmond. True, no apparent injury, and Kesler was up and strong enough to 'suggest' a 20-game suspension for Boulerice, but, really, ouch.
Slightly on topic, anyone wonder if that one ref was a Kesler fan? He practically knocks Boulerice over! Every ref gets the perpetrator out of the way, but if you had Mauric Richard right there, that is a ref-player fight.

Sorry again for the short post. I am currently working on a website for my band. Plus, you know my age people. We're never consistent with anything. And yes, I did write this on two different days.

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