So close....

Well, that really sucks.

The Stars did everything they could to get a win in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, but it amounted to a tough loss on the road by a score of 2-1.

Man, even watching the highlights, that hurt.

Great job by Robidas to tie the game at 1, he's been amazing.

Why, oh why, couldn't we score? I guess the better question is why, oh why, is Chris Osgood so good right now? Honestly, Osgood isn't a star goalie, but he's having an incredible playoff performance, and I guess I respect him for that.

Mike Modano had a crazy chance to score in the third, racing in on a puck dump, catching a Wings defender by surprise, and spiraling to make the backhand attempt. Chris Osgood caught the puck with his left pad, and the Stars might've had the wind taken out after that one.

Alright, here's the video of Ribeiro's slash on Osgood. Yes, it's a slash. It's retaliation from Mike and he probably should've just exchanged some words. However, Ozzie's reaction is pretty dramatic. I'm guessing that there was at least some of a dive in that. I mean, come on. The guy probably makes saves with that part of his body regularly and he doesn't go down like he's been shot. Check the vid.

After you watch the whole thing, go back to 1:06 at the overhead view. Chris doesn't get it in the head or the neck, and it's obviously too high to take his legs out. His fall is a little later and I think that even if it hurt, he overplayed it way to much. Not to mention, he's back up and celebrating with his boys after a minute or so. The announcers for CBC didn't even think he was hurt, and they're unbiased for sure. Don Cherry was conveniently unbiased as well, but seemed to lean towards the act being fair play. Osgood definitely attempted to hit Ribeiro. I don't think he meant to give him a head shot, seeing as he wasn't facing Mike, but he definitely intended to hit him, and Mikey hit him back. It's like to kids who are angry at each other, and one is more cunning and decides to act hurt. Leave it alone, Colin, and let the teams play the series. A few more fans going after you wouldn't hurt.

I'm still behind the boys of green and gold, so I'll post again tomorrow or after Game 3.

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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