At Least We Were Beaten By the Best

It looks like no one’s going to stop the Detroit Red Wings from winning the Stanley Cup this year.

Evgeni Malkin surely hasn’t been able to.

I feel a little sorry for Geno. He had the whole NHL saying he had overtaken Sidney Crosby as the best young guy in the NHL (while I still side with Ovie). However, going pointless in four Cup Final games, at the same time as Sidney Crosby led the Penguins to their only win in game 3.

However, there’s no denying that Malkin has a lot of NHL talent, and no one should get on his back just because he didn’t score in his first Stanley Cup Final at the age of 21. He’ll be great in a few years, when the Cup does go to Pittsburgh.

As for the series, it appears to be Detroit’s to lose. A 3-1 lead is some pretty scary momentum going back home to Detroit. I’m guessing a dominating 3-1 win for the….......Wings.

Yeah, the Cup’s going back to Detroit. Ain’t all the Michigan folks happy. No one else is, though.

Then again, I’m seeing a pleasant change in the NHL next year. We’ll go back to the form of having unlikely Cup winners that send the league into a buzz rivaled maybe by only the Super Bowl. Bold prediction, but I can see it happening. Adios,

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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