A GOOD Publicity Stunt

According to www.nhl.com, Def Leppard will perform their hit song "C'mon, C'mon" on national television before the home opener of last season's Stanley Cup Champion, the Detroit Red Wings (coincidentally one of the most musical cities in the NHL, with respect to Nashville) against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As a huge rock music fan (actually, all music, but rock takes a slight edge), I'm definitely doing all I can to watch this. Heck, if I was just a Def Leppard fan, and couldn't tell the difference between Henrik Zetterberg and my next-door neighbor, I would watch this event. As Joe Elliot, lead singer and keyboard-ist for Def Leppard told NHL.com, "When Sav first played me "C'mon, C'mon", I remember saying to him, 'I can hear this being played in ever hockey arena all over the United States and Canada."
It's awesome to know that Detroit and Toronto fans across, well, the United States and Canada, will be hearing this song, along with many other DL songs.

IT'S ALMOST OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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