A government cares about hockey????

I just read an interesting piece off of the Puck Daddy blog on yahoo.com, and was surprised to hear that someone in the government actually made a comment about hockey!

Oh, my bad, folks, that was in Finland...

However, the more important part of Puck Daddy's blog would be the fact that more and more 'staged' fights are occuring in foreign leagues. So far, Chris Simon and Martin Grenier were involved in a brawl that Grenier predicted would occur; in this blog, a video of Sami Helenius and Kip Brennan is shown, and seeing as the players dropped the gloves at the whistle, it was obviously pre-meditated.

Now, Finland's sports minister has lashed out against all hockey enforcers, claiming that the next time he hears of a fight, he's going to discuss options with the big boys of the Finnish Hockey Federation. And by 'discuss options', he's implying that the next pair of thugs to stage a fight will be getting a little more than a 5-minute time-out.

However, fans obviously are into the fighting in these leagues. Yahoo's most popular hockey blogger wants to know: Why curb the enthusiasm? I agree. Wouldn't it be worth it to gain some extra money because a few more fans are in attendance due to a probable fight? I can guarantee you that some NHL owners wouldn't mind the increased revenue.

(Don't worry, readers, that blog about the Dallas Stars Breaking The Ice 2008 event is coming soon).

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