Hockey online, in Toronto, and Brazil...

I had a great hockey conversation yesterday with quite a few other bloggers (many of whom I've added to my hockey blog list, any of you who I didn't add, shoot me an email or comment with a link and I'll add you).

The main subject was the pre-season game between Toronto and Buffalo, but a variety of hockey subjects were discussed. You can go to James Mirtle's blog to view an archive of the discussion, but there was one awesome point I wanted to bring up.

About two-thirds of the way through the chat, a man named Humberto joined us. We found out, through him, that Brazil actually has quite the hockey following. I can't understand much of it, being uneducated in the language, but it looks to be quite the paper. Humberto told me that it is run by just 13 guys who write every week, but they look pretty up to date. Humberto himself is a Red Wings fan, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of the others are too, although Calgary is another appealing option, with rock solid defenseman Robyn Regehr having been born in Brazil. Brazilian-born Michael Greenlay also had an inauspicious 2-game run with the Edmonton Oilers in 89-90, as a goaltender, but spent most of his career in the minor leagues.

Humberto's personal blog can be found at http://redwingsbrasil.blogspot.com/
He's pretty current as well, his last post being a quick note about Darren McCarty's contract (I think, something with McCarty).

Overall, I enjoyed talking with other bloggers in the hockey world, and maybe someday, if my blog gets enough readers, I'll try and host a live blog on here as well. Of course, it'll be Stars based! See ya later, folks.


Alexandre Giesbrecht said...

Hi there! I am also a Brazilian hockey fan who publishes TheSlot.com.br weekly. Thanks for the link, and we'll retribute it with a reference in our first letter from the editor of the new season, which will be online on October 8!

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hey, Alexandre. Thanks for reading! And thanks for the reference! I hope you guys enjoy my writing, and I'll try and check yours, and hopefully be able to start learning some of your language so I can enjoy your work as well.

Humberto Fernandes said...

Hey, brooklyn hockey boy!
Thanks for the post about Brazil, TheSlot.com.br and Red Wings Brasil.

The live chat at Mirtle's blog was incredible. I'm looking for the next one :)

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hey, no problemo, Humberto...it was great talking with you at Mirtle's Blog, I too am anticipating the next one...:)