Pre-season Knock Out!

Well, it wasn't quite as spectacular as Steve Downie's hit on Dean McAmmond last season (nor was it as illegal), but Tomas Kopecky laid one heck of hit down on Montreal Canadiens prospect Matt Carle (not Tampa's Matt Carle).

The video only shows the hit once, but I'm sure it's clean. Actually, it looks a lot like the hit Jordin Tootoo laid on Daniel Winnik last season, although with a clean shoulder instead of a nasty elbow, but similar in terms of a blindsiding aspect.

I don't think it'll have to be reviewed, but I sure feel sorry for Carle. Getting knocked out is never fun.


Alexandre Giesbrecht said...

I agree. His head was down, and Kopecky's elbow was where it should be. Nothing to complain about. Except for Carle's temporary stupidity. :)

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Haha, true, very tue.

Carlos Campos said...

Clean hit. Hope Carle get well soon.

Really looking for Kopecky become sort of a young Dallas Drake. The Wings need it even with Downey in the lineup.

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Kopecky is definitely in the mold of another Drake, although possibly with more offense. And thanks for the commment!