Luc Bourdon Tribute Was Amazing

I watched a Youtube video of the Vancouver Canucks' tribute to Luc Bourdon during their home opener, and I was amazed and touched.

Here's a video:

The amount of time people in Vancouver must have spent putting that together is incredible. That song was really great too, and I'm hoping somehow it goes up on iTunes, because I would pay for that.

Also had to love how Alex Burrows pointed to the sky after his first goal, as a tribute to Luc. It's amazing how people still categorize hockey as a brutally violent and cold sport when everyone in the game can put together something like this.

Here's some video highlights of the actual game, which Vancouver completely dominated. Burrows scored two goals, while new captain Roberto Luongo showed some strong leadership by shutting out the Calgary Flames.


Alexandre Giesbrecht said...

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Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hey, great LFTE! And thanks for the mention! (by the way, you can call me Josiah Hunter, sorry about not telling you that before). And the guide is very good, I wasn't able to read all the details but it did look very thorough. Excellent job! I'll be looking forward to reading more of your works.