Well. If that wasn’t enough of a Christmas miracle for the rest of you Stars fans, then too bad.

It’s not everyday that we get an 8-2 win on the road, including a James Neal hat trick, and I couldn’t be happier.

Last night I nearly didn’t watch the game because my TV Guide didn’t actually say there was a game on KDFI. However, I checked anyways and came in during the first period. I was shocked to see that the score was 3-0 already. And not 5 minutes after I started watching, Brad Richards made it 4-0. I knew right then that the night was going to be awesome.

Congrats to Andrew Hutchinson on getting his first point of the year, with an assist.

Congrats to Steve Ott, who had a multi-point performance while simultaneously ticking off the entire Leafs team without getting into a fight.

Another first was the biggest story, that of James Neal being the 4th Stars player to get a hat trick this season, and only 2 games after Loui Eriksson got his first career hat trick. Neal actually stole the lead in rookie goals for Dallas from Fabian Brunnstrom, who also scored. Neal now has 11, while Brunnstrom has 10.

Marty Turco also had a strong performance last night, and his 2 goals that he did allow were perfectly excusable. Jason Blake’s goal came off a funky rebound, while Mikhail Grabovski caught a rebound that got away from Turco on the fly and snapped it in with skill.

The biggest surprise of the night was seeing Loui Eriksson go point-less. Of course, it’d be hard to expect another goal after he’d gotten 6 in three games, but it was a little surprising nonetheless.

A warm welcome to Brian Sutherby. I can’t remember seeing him in the little bit of the Ottawa game that I watched, but it’s nice to see him healthy and in a Stars uniform regardless.

Krys Barch had a couple of great fights and his 3rd goal of the year, and Landon Wilson kept up his strong play by getting two assists.

Mike Ribeiro, congratulations on scoring your 100th career goal! Let’s see how close we can get to 200 out of you before the year ends.

Overall, it’s great to see that the boys can pull off this kind of win without the leadership of Brenden Morrow, and hopefully this won’t be the last dominating win we see out of the boys in black and gold.


Bill Burns said...

I was looking for information about Okanagan Hockey Academy and I stumbled upon some information that caused me great concern. It's a blog called Okanagan Hockey Academy. I was thinking about sending my 14 year-old boy to OHA but if the information on this blog is true, I would never send him there.


What can you tell me about OHA? Do they really have a crack house on campus? What are some good hockey schools in Canada where my son can develop and be relatively safe from harm?

Is it true Kerr was fired from Port Alberni due to favouritism of his son?

Thanks for any help or comments on this subject.

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

First of all Bill, thanks for noticing my blog and posting a comment. While I really don't know anything about OHA or Alan Kerr or that blog, there's a boarding school known as Shattuck-Saint Mary's that's very well known for its strong hockey programs. They've produced many NHL players such as current young star Jonathan Toews, and his younger brother David, who was recently drafted in the 2009 NHL draft. Personally, I'd love to go to that school. There are also numerous other hockey schools in Minnesota and Canada that you could look into.