Anyone on the move besides Forsberg?

Recently I posted on players that any team could trade. Well, as my welcome message says, I'm going to disagree with myself. Despite all of those players that I put, I don't think that many of them will be moving.
See, I chose guys from each roster who were down on production and/or whom I thought the team didn't need. Granted, I did get the Kings trading Conroy, but other than that I think I'll be wrong. Conroy, despite his low scoring this year, was a key cog in the L.A. mix, and they swapped him for some draft picks and Jamie Lundmark. Here are some key cogs that could see another team soon.
Peter Forsberg- Well, duh. If anyone doesn't know that Foppa will likely end up on a different team sooner than later, than you are a blind 'Flyers can't live without Peter' fan. He must go. Albeit his ankle is causing him some missed games, the Flyers are in revamp mode and he will leave. Soon.
Olli Jokinen- Again, this move won't come because of Jokinen's lack of skill, on the contrary, he has so much skill that if he's available, almost everyone will want him. The Panthers are another team who will probably shovel out players like snow for youth, youth and youth. Look for someone like the Atlanta Thrashers or the Columbus Blue Jackets to make a big offer if he goes up.
Ruslan Fedotenko- This guy will probably be the victim of the Lightning's desperate ways to clear cap space and keep their Big Three. Fedotenko is a good depth player, and is notorious for scoring goals at key times (try the only 2 Tampa Bay goals in the '04 cup finals). He could attract attention from Vancouver or the New York Rangers.
Martin Biron- Unless he gets more starting time in the playoffs, which is unlikely, than he will once again request a move. Biron has a great record compared to other backups in the league, and has also been a starter and performed well there. He could be the perfect insurance for Cam Ward, so the Hurricanes might look at him. The Phoenix Coyotes will almost certainly make an offer, and he will almost certainly reject them even it means a backup job in Buffalo.
Jassen Cullimore- This name may not sound like a key cog, but despite his low numbers he has been one of Chicago's best defensemen. He will reach double-digit points this year, and has been part of a Stanley Cup championship in Tampa Bay. He could be put up for grabs. The who-knows-where-they-will-be Penguins should try to get him, or the San Jose Sharks could use him to replace some of the consistency lost when Brad Stuart left.
Well, now we'll just see if I get any more trades right. Later.

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