Come on back, Mark, we miss you

Mark Messier could make a comeback.
No, sorry Canucks, Rangers, and Oilers fans. He's not coming back as a player, but Messier is considering a job in management. I think it would be perfect for a guy like Messier to get into a management job with an NHL team, as he is a former NHL great and seems to understand the new salary cap well. Several teams might want to take a look, specifically the Phoenix Coyotes and Philadelphia Flyers.
Now there's an idea. Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, two of the NHL's best ever, working for one of the worst NHL teams this year. They could form a sort of multi-job combination, where neither of them are specifically coach or GM, but instead they are Co-managing coaches. Like Jacques Martin in Florida except the assistant/co-GM helps coach, too. Even if they just did it the normal way, one coach, one GM, they know each other well and could turn the Desert Dogs into Winning Wolfs.
Just had to write about that. This time, www.nhl.com gave me the whole story, so thanks to them.

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