Vets Dominate All Star game

This year, the All-Star game was supposed to make Dion Phaneuf, Alex Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby dominate. And while Phaneuf and Ovechkin figured in the scoring, and Crosby made a few nice plays, veterans were the stars yesterday.
On the West, Teemu Selanne, Brian Rolston, Bill Guerin, and many other older players did well. Rolston had 2 goals in his All-Star debut, and Joe Sackic had 4 assists while playing with snipers Martin Havlat and Rick Nash.
In the East, Daniel Briere, Martin Broduer, Brendan Shanahan, Zdeno Chara, and Ryan Miller represented the veteran side of things. Wait, Miller isn't a veteran? Jeez, he sure as heck plays like one. Anyways, Briere was voted MVP, Chara had 2 goals, and Brodeur and Shanahan had great performances.
Every team had an All-Star this year. Yes, every team. Martin Havlat, the Hawks only good player besides Brent Seabrook and Peter Bondra, was there and scored a few points, while Bill Guerin represented the up-down St. Louis Blues in the West. Simon Gagne made the Philadelphia Flyers actually have a bright spot this year, and Jay Bouwmeester represented a talented but losing Florida Panthers team for the East.
Congrats to the Coaches, Randy Carlyle and Lindy Ruff, as both could be seen sporting smiles several times during the game. As goes with the All-Star ways, I saw no body-checks, but grit came in the form of speed and skill. Strangely enough, Brian Campbell did not show himself much. Also, the coaches managed to find several lines that clicked, like Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and Brendan Shanahan, who made several near-goals. Or Brian Rolston, Bill Guerin, and Yanic Perrault, and Martin Havlat, Joe Sackic, and Rick Nash. As far as a pair of guys who clicked, regular season teammates Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavlier combined for a goal, Eric Staal and Justin Williams grabbed a few points, and surprisingly, the big-trade pair of Dany Heatley and Marian Hossa did well together. Wonder how good Ottawa would have been last year if they had managed to keep Hossa and trade someone like Martin Havlat or Peter Bondra. I mean, Havlat only played 19 games last year, and they could have gotten something back for Peter Bondra instead of letting him stroll on over to be with Hossa again with a different team.
See? I just used almost all of that talking about whether or not Dany Heatley and Marian Hossa could have been teammates. The All-Star game causes that. Like, what if Ovechkin and Crosby both become UFA's, and head out to some weakling team like the Chicago Blackhawks and turn them into contenders. I thought of that because they did well together in the All-Star game. Two topics combined, the Old-Stars and the reason an All-Star game matters. Whew, I'm done.

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