Comparing Sports

Hey all you people out there who don't know much about hockey, but know about other sports, consider this;
-In basketball, if you score 82 points in 82 games, you did horrible. If you throw 82 touchdowns in one football season (16 games) you set a record. If you hit 82 home runs in a baseball season, you're probably using steroids. But scoring 82 points in 82 hockey games, that's respectable. The record for points in a season in the NHL is 215. That's like a quarterback rushing for 33 touch downs, or a catcher hitting home 62 home runs, or Nate Robinson breaking Wilt Chamberlain's record of 100 points in a basketball game.
-Some of the worst injuries in pro sports have come from hockey, but so have the best recoveries.
-The NHL has some of the least payed players in sports, due to the fact that the players don't care as much about money.
-Despite what you may think, the Stanley Cup is the oldest and most recognized trophy in sports.
-Hockey normally has very little famous trash talk, causing less fines. Even so, rely on Jeremy Roenick or Sean Avery to provide some loudly-spoken opinions.
-People really focus on prospects, and don't just ship players around because of headbands.
-You aren't going to find something as stupid as Reggie Bush's alleged Improper Benefits or Barry Bonds' "I didn't use steroids. Wait, scratch that, I didn't use them knowingly." How many players used drugs last year to enhance their hockey performance? NONE. Not even any rumors.
There, understand why hockey's good now?