Can't blog, really

Computer is dead, I have limited access to the one I am currently using. You know I don't write much anyways, so, live with it. Here are my notes as of Jan. 1

Kovie and Ovie are both at/above 3o goals with about half the season left. I wouldn't dare say 60 goals for each of them, but you know how close Jonathan Cheechoo came 2 years ago. These guys are on a more consistent if not better pace.

Vinny Lecavalier has the scoring race all but locked up, in my opinion. The only guys who could really catch him are Kovie, Jarome Iginla, and the omni-high scoring Sidney Crosby. Yes, yes, I know there are about 7-8 guys with enough potential in the same point range, but think of it this way. Vinny, Kovie, Iginla, and Crosby are all going to have 100-point seasons. They have or should have before. The same goes for Daniel's Alfredsson and Heatley, Alexander Ovechkin, and Joe Thornton. But the 4 men I have named can go beyond. Lecavalier has had the potential all a long and it finally came out last year with his 50-50-100 year, and has continued to explode this year. Kovalchuk has scored 50 before, and should hit the century mark this year. Iginla has come close before, and he would have hit at least 40-60-100 if he didn't miss 12 games. And Crosby? Dude, he's Crosby. Why would he not hit that mark again? He would half to, like, snap his femur or crack his skull to not do that.

There you go. Yes, I did make some cool looking stuff. I just decided to do that. Ok, going, going, gone.

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