I've returned...

...from the computer-dead. I've had a new computer for a few months now, but for some reason I just haven't posted on this blog. A lot of my recent writing ended up on http://fans.nhl.com/hockeyfreek22.
However, talking with some other people strong with hockey recently, I'll start this page up again.
So, let's get started...
It's the Stanley Cup playoffs already, and we're down to the Final Four, or, to steal a College Basketball phrase, the Frozen Four. Pittsburgh faces Philadelphia in what should be a furious battle of Pennsylvania.
In that series, the key will be goaltending. Both teams can score (but Pittsburgh has a slight edge) and both teams are tough (Philly gets the nod there), so it will depend on who can keep out the goals.
An interesting thing to watch is Philadelphia's defense. Kimmo Timonen was the main anchor, but he has been lost to injury. Will someone else step up, like the underacheiving Jason Smith? Or will they collapse without a stud, and allow Pittsburgh a quick series?
The main attraction in the Conference Finals, IMHO, is the match between the Dallas Stars and the Detroit Red Wings. Yes, I'm a Stars fan.
I'm pretty frustrated about the loss last night, but I'll live. I definitely agree with the words of Brenden Morrow (Interview snippet from http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/15902-Stars-captain-Morrow-says
"I think we had a good two or three shifts to start the game, but then the ice got tilted the other way."
No kidding. I'm sure that a 4-1 loss wasn't exactly what most Stars fans were expecting. However, I believe that the Stars can come back. Marty Turco has a horrible record in 'The Joe', but if he, and the rest of the team, can shake that mentality, a win is definitely possible.
As for all of you who are saying that the Stars have no match for Johan Franzen, think about this. Last night, Franzen scored. So did Morrow. Each player is the leading goal-getter on his respective team. Also, each one is probably the best playoff player in general, other than Turco and Lidstrom on each team. Just think about that before you say that the Stars suck and the Wings are better.
Here's 10 of the best goals from the Stars' 07-08 season.

Those are pretty sick...Hagman's got some wicked hands, way under appreciated.

So, that's my first post for now. Soon, I'll get my own URL for this, and then I'll post more consistently. Adios!

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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