By a show of hands, how many people expected the Stars to win?

*Uncomfortable Silence, no hands*

How many expected a 5-game series for the Wings?

*All hands slowly raise, each person embarrassed of their previous boldness or doubtfulness*

Well, it's alright. I was among you. I forgive you.

The Stars pulled off a rough-and-tumble Game 5 win over Detroit by a score of 2-1. Joel Lundqvist and Trevor Daley, two Stars who haven't had a strong playoff offense-wise, scored for the Stars. Jiri Hudler scored the only goal for the Red Wings.

There were so many reasons why the game went the Stars' way. Yes, there were a few blown calls. However, many of them went against the Stars. Brenden Morrow's legs were whacked out from under him by Kris Draper (I think, the jersey appeared to say 32, but the only Red Wing with #32 is Brad Ference, and he didn't even play in the minors this season, and Draper is 33) while Morrow was away from the play, skating to the point. Mike Ribeiro's first-period breakaway was ruined by a Red Wings player diving for the puck and taking down Ribeiro as well. The Stars recieved a 5-on-4 power-play but should have instead gotten a penalty shot. The other way, a few Red Wings went down and there were some times where maybe a Stars player should have headed to the box. However, each team played hard, and the Stars ended out on top.

I have to love Brad Richards' set-up for Daley's goal. Covered by one-and-a-half (another Wing was looking on nearby) Detroit defenders, Richards sent the puck between his legs with barely a glance to check if anyone was there. Daley took advantage of the free space and fired the puck past Osgood. Ozzie looked a little shaky on Lundqvist's goal, but regardless, it was a goal. Morrow had a great chance later, but that was most of the offense.

I'll leave it to the rest of you to blog about the goaltending, which was amazing. In the mean time, I'll be waiting for Game 6, back in Dallas, laughing at all you Wings who were repeating the Stars' horrible record at the Joe in hopes of intimidating us. At the same time, I'll be very nervous.

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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