So deprived....

It's like being held without food.

Tomorrow's game between Detroit and Dallas will be the first hockey game I've been able to view on TV since, well, Detroit and Dallas played in February. I tried watching a Penguins game on NBC, but the screen was so distorted, I could barely see the puck. I'm going to force myself to watch the game tomorrow simply because it's the Stars playing.

I don't have regular cable or anything, so I'm limited to the semi-weekly games on NBC, which I often can't see because of other events happening on a Sunday afternoon. If the Stanley Cup Final ends up on Versus for nearly every game, then I'll beg for NHL Center Ice online.

If the Stars make it to the Finals, I'll start begging my friends to let me hang out and use their TV.

It's going to be a rough wait to get to Texas, where I'll finally have cable, and I'll get to watch the Stars regularly. *Sigh*

STARS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.s. I might have been the first person to wear a Stars sweatshirt, hat, and Stars-colored shorts around Yankee Stadium. If my luck holds out, I'll be the only person to have done that.)

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