Quick Stories:

Welcome Back Chris Chelios:
The Canadien, Blackhawk, and Red Wing has decided to return for his 2500th NHL season, as we all new he would. The second cousin of George Washington has been in the NHL since the good old days of Joe 'Phantom' Malone and was at the baby shower of last-season's defense partner Brett Lebda.

Ok, so I've gotten into the THN exaggeration stance when discussing Cheli, but, truth be told, the man is old. He's got great conditioning and some darn good skills, though, which is why he'll be back for a 26th, 27th, and 52nd campaign (just kidding).

Ballard Extension = Bouwmeester expendable?
Keith Ballard has been given a six-year contract with the Florida Panthers. The defenseman's signing has led to even more questions about the future of Jay Bouwmeester in a Panthers uniform. Read James Mirtle's blog about it for more info.

That's just a quick update, I'll hopefully write more on whatever happens tomorrow.

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