Committed to Hockey

You know, when I see a headline such as "Ex-Ranger Dube is content in Swiss League", two thoughts go through my head.

1. " 'Ex'-Ranger? There's a common enough phrase...has there ever been a drafted Ranger to stay with the team for his whole career?"

2. "Now there's a guy who really just loves to play hockey."

The important thought is number 2 (number 1 comes from my Islanders bias).

You see, a lot of guys transfer leagues for the money, or in a disappointed state after NHL rejection. In Christian Dube, we've got a guy who was pleasantly surprised to make it to the NHL, saddened by his early exit, yet willing to keep playing the sport he loves despite the exit. And the fact that he's now enjoying playing in Switzerland (Be honest, how many of you knew that there was a pro league in Switzerland?) is just another tribute to the man's perseverance.

Way to go Christian Dube! Maybe you'll get another job in the NHL someday.

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