Selanne: Why won't Anaheim take him?

According to a THN report I read recently, winger Teemu Selanne has decided he wants to return to the NHL and the Anaheim Ducks.

So why hasn't there been a one-year deal announced? No reports of a roster spot reserved for Teemu? Not even a Brian Burke saying "We're trying to clear up enough cap space for Teemu to receive a reasonable deal, so we've placed +(Insert Name Here)+ on the trading block."?

Either Teemu has been deemed too old (ridiculous, considering he was a key goal scorer when he came back last year), or Matt Schneider is just too cool to be traded.

Hopefully, if Teemu doesn't get a deal from the Ducks, he'll decide to sign with another team *cough* not Colorado *cough* and still be able to enjoy another year of NHL hockey.

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